Tuesday, April 26

Make Way For Ducklings: Episode IV

Well, we made our bi-annual trek to Boston... and no trip is complete without making our kids sit on some ducklings (2010, 2012, 2014). We generally visit in the summer, so it was a bit cooler than previous trips! Merritt was our littlest duckling to date--she wasn't quite big enough to sit on a duck solo!

 photo BoysonDucks_1.jpg

We failed to get a family picture... this was actually the only time I took the big camera out on the whole trip. More people makes it harder to get good pictures of anything! I suspect this will get easier when they get less wiggly and more predictable. Hopefully there's a sweet spot before they hate me taking their picture...

 photo 20160419Ducks in Boston-5.jpg

The ducks were dressed up in straw hats... maybe for spring? I'm actually surprised they aren't in something marathon-y.

 photo 20160419Ducks in Boston-13.jpg

I made Merritt a hat for the trip--it did a good job keeping her melon nice and warm. I assume. She didn't complain, so it must have worked!

 photo 20160419Ducks in Boston-23.jpg


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