Tuesday, August 23


The life of the second born is rough--or so I hear.  I was lucky to be first and get to be the one to pass on my stuff to my poor sister.  But as the girl who got her stuff new, I feel for Braden.  He wears his brothers pajamas, diapers (they are cloth)... plays with his toys... and when Braden gets something of his own?  Finley steals it.

I bought Braden Sophie the Giraffe.  I kept seeing it places and decided that it would be a good toy that could be all his.  His nursery is slowly transition toward a giraffe theme, so it made a lot of sense.  Little Sophie is light enough Braden can hold it and steer it towards his little chompers.  But of course, Finley really likes Sophie.  He understands that its Braden's toy--but is a bit confused as to why Braden can't play with it.  Here he is saying, "Here's Sophie, Braden!"  Very sweet.

Finley is continuing to warm up towards his brother.  Today when I took Braden to his room for a nap Finley ran after me and yelled, "KISS!"  So I picked him up and let him kiss B-town goodnight.  It warmed my heart.  This kiss was staged--he still wants nothing to do with Braden most of the time.

Oh boys.  You are too sweet.

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  1. WHY didn't I comment about this? Weird. They are cute. Let's chat about how you made the corners on the photos because I feel like there might be a better way than I know how.


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