Thursday, December 1

...and I guess I'm running the Boston Marathon.

No, I didn't qualify.  As you may recall, my last attempt was 36 seconds too slow to qualify (seriously!) and then the BAA changed the qualification standards so it isn't looking real good for me to qualify anytime soon.  Or more accurately--I think I can qualify, I just think the race will fill up with faster runners before it is my turn to register.  And then the standard is going to get faster, and then I probably won't be able to qualify.  Who even knows.

I really want to run Boston. It's the race for marathoners to run.  And we lived there for three years. And I just really want to run it.

So my dear friend Marie found a charity for us to run for. I don't have many details on that part yet--I just got confirmation today that they are taking me! Over the next few months I'll likely be hassling you for money.  So get ready for that. And get ready for more running related posts.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous.  It's a lot of money to raise.  And it's kind of a big race.

My pride is a little wounded--I really wanted to qualify on my own.  I don't necessarily like that I'm essentially buying my way in... but I'm pretty sure I'll qualify at some point.  And I'll mentally retroactively apply it to this race.

The race is April 16, 2012--four days after Braden turns ONE and five days before Finley turns THREE.  Happy birthday boys, your mama is going to run until she can't anymore!  But then I'll probably run some more.


  1. Congratulations! All you really did was find a way to make your dream a reality. A noble pursuit.

  2. YAY! YAY! YAY! Can't wait to run it with you! :)

  3. oops, it's under my work gmail. but you know it's me haha

  4. So exciting!! I am so impressed!


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