Monday, December 8

Keaton Walks!

Since we lived with my parents in July they were convinced that Keaton would walk ANY DAY. It was the main update they wanted every time I talked to them--and I always assured them he was going to walk late--just like the other boys. Finley was actually my earliest walker--a fact that is quite ironic now since he was born with clubfoot! (See Finley at almost 14mo and Braden just after 16mo walking.)

I really wanted Keaton to walk before our Disney trip. I didn't want to have to worry about him crawling around the parks and getting germy and gross... but that didn't pan out. He started walking in the beginning of December--about a week shy of 17 months. He had been taking a few steps for about a month, but finally strung a bunch together and got brave!

 photo 141230-4144.jpg

He currently still crawls sometimes--but likes to walk when he's not in a rush. He's such a fast crawler, if he needs to get somewhere fast then he'll turbo-crawl. He was a little grumpy (of course) when I tried to get a few pictures of him walking... for the most part we'll just catching him ambling around, walking with no particular end in mind. Being such a late walker, he was pretty steady. I feel like he bruised his head much less than the other boys did. Good job baby Keatie!

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