Monday, December 3

Cookies with Carrie, Round 3

This weekend was our annual trek to Charlottesville for my pal Carrie's cookie decorating party.  It's changed a lot from 2009 and 2010 (we didn't make it last year!)... many many more children underfoot!

Little Parker is about the sweetest thing--both he and Braden cooperated and let me hold him for about 10 minutes! It was amazing.  Braden was able to put his jealousy aside for me to get some baby cuddles. Aren't Cory and Carrie pretty much radiant?

Finley was super serious about his cookie--he told me it had to be red and white since it was a stocking and he was meticulous about picking out sprinkles.  I didn't get around to making my own cookies, which was a shame after our awesome cookies last time.  Biblical plagues!

Megan, Carrie and I liked to tell everyone that we are friends from high school and that we at the point in our lives where we have been friends longer than we haven't been friends.  Aside from being traumatized that we are all turning 30 (!!!) we were extremely devastated when we realized that my baby brother will be 20 this year (I'm pretty sure, math is supposed to be my strong suit but birthdays confuse me.) 20!!! Not even possible.

And our favorite game when we are together is putting all our rings together, like some sort of supehero club.  Luckily my fingers are the smallest, so I get to wear them. BLING! DIAMONDS!


  1. I am very concerned about that cookie in the top row. Please tell me a child made it.

    1. Vic, I may not be as good as you but you don't have to rub it in! JK, a kid totally did it.

  2. A cookie decorating party?! That sounds like something I should make happen.

    Aren't life-long friends the best? All of my closest girlfriends are bfs since kindergarten! Classy, awesome ladies. Friends like that are a blessing. :)

    And next time I get together with all of them we're def doing the ring thing. haha

    1. It's hilarious and a true test of friendship--is there someone you trust to hold ALL the diamonds? :)

  3. I failed to decorate a single cookie and take a single picture--even of my kid decorating cookies. #parentingpicturetakingcapturingmemoriesfail.


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