Friday, December 31

2010 (with links and pictures!)

It was a good, good year.  If you've got some spare time or are looking for something to distract you from your life, here's like 30 links to posts from the past year.

Finley became skilled at standing and I made one of the better decisions of my life... I joined Twitter.  It's REAL fun and I think you should join too.

I donated a zillion ounces of milk to a hospital in North Carolina and we got snowed in for a very long time.  Also, Finley did some very grown up things like texting and pretending to drink beer.

I ran a half marathon and Finley was cute.  It was a slow month.

We went to South Carolina, Finley was baptized and I threw an AMAZING cowboy birthday party.

This was a big month!  I didn't qualify for the Boston Marathon, I met the Pioneer Woman and Sol took me to see a LOST tribute band for my birthday.

I cut my hair.  Really short.  Finley learned to walk.  And Finley was still cute.

Sol and I celebrated 5 years of marriage with a trip to Philly. Finley and I went to Boston and ate at Giacomo's. And Finley was... well, cute.

We went to the Caymans and Vic and I went to Blogher.  Both were awesome.

We picked some peaches and Finley got new shoes.

Another big month: we went to Ohio, the Fire Department saved me from a renegade smoke alarm,  picked pumpkins and I told the world about baby #2.  Also, Finley and Sol were cute for Halloween.

We found out baby #2 is a boy and Finley was cute.

We went to Vegas, we ran pretty far and it was Christmas.

We're excited for what 2011 has in store--we can only imagine we will be significantly busier.


  1. Yeah for 2011! Let the fun begin - see you tonight for our party! (Or Sunday.)

  2. love the timeline! and look at you in your short shorts... nice legs! LOL. but seriously, you must be a runner.

    second, you went to blogher? i've decided i will never go to one. ha. that means i will because i said never.

  3. Finley IS cuteeeeee and baby #2 is going to be equally as adorable- my ovaries might explode by then!

  4. Loved your 2010 review so much that I copied your idea and created one on our blog. (Hope you don't mind!) =) Happy New Year!


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